BKW Biokraftwerke Fürstenwalde GmbH was founded by Dr. Hans Friedmann in 2001 for the purpose of operating the Fürstenwalde biogas plant. The Fürstenwalde biogas plant had been operated in the operations management model by Dr. Friedmann in cooperation with a partner since 1998 already. With retirement of the partner, operation of the plant was assigned to BKW, and the operations management model was changed to a lease model. At that time, the Fürstenwalde biogas plant was one of the largest waste utilization biogas plants in Europe.

In March 2003, e.disnatur Erneuerbare Energien GmbH acquired an interest in BKW, taking a 48.8 % share in the business within the scope of a capital increase. This share was transferred to e.distherm GmbH in 2010 and has continued unchanged since then.

Within the scope of the participation of e.disnatur, the field of operations of BKW has been significantly extended. The focus of business activity is on operative running of biogas plants in the operations management model and in the lease model. The additional fields of operation have derived from the core business.

BKW currently has a staff of 34 experienced people, among them specialists in the fields of CHP plant technology, electrical and control engineering, process biology, occupational safety, substrate management and plant organization.